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Nomadic Retirement Living

smart house sittersHas anyone been completely honest with you lately?

I’m not talking about being polite and telling you that your breath is ripe, or your fly is undone.

I’m talking about the blunt type of honesty that is like getting hit in the face with a cold, wet, dish rag.

It’s when someone looks you directly in the eyes and tells you things you would rather not hear.

I don’t want to be the person to tell you – but somebody has to do it. [click to continue…]

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Start your RV Living adventureEditors Note:

With more and more people questioning the traditional North American Dream, the one where you buy a home, save for retirement and then travel in your golden years. Millions of people are realizing that with widespread changes in the economic, political, financial and employment landscapes their dream retirement is not guaranteed. Instead they are redefining their retirement plans and looking for more options such as RV Living. [click to continue…]


Workaways volunteering“Working twenty-five hours a week for room and board? Are you crazy?”

That is the comment we often hear from friends when we first begin telling them about our experiences with Workaways.

However, after we explain that we do it to learn a new skill, to experience a new area, to ‘give back’, and that we meet the most interesting people, they sometimes change their minds.

Or, at least they begin to understand our love for this part of our retired nomadic lifestyle. [click to continue…]


Ok you have decided to take the plunge and house sit overseas. Congratulations, the hardest part of any journey is making the decision and taking that first step.

However, before you accept that dream house sitting assignment and jet off halfway around the globe. There is a critical question that needs to be asked. [click to continue…]



house sitting profiles suckAfter spending hundreds of hours doing research on house sitting platforms, I have seen many house sitting profiles that quite frankly suck!

Take this one for example…….

It’s titled ‘I’m Your Guy’ and goes on to give you his name, where he comes from and that he’s single. The accompanying photograph shows an attractive male, smiling alluringly at the camera. [click to continue…]