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Nomadic Retirement Living

house sittersWhat’s the deal with house sitters?

Listening to some of their stories you might think they actually enjoy pain and suffering.

You have heard the stories, or even have one of your own. You know, the ones about arriving at a house sit only to find the place to be a disgusting, insect ridden, pig sty that immediately sets off your asthma.

Or where the sitter discovers that someone else will be living in the house with them, either a wild, out of control teenager or an invalid spouse who requires full time care. [click to continue…]


Want to pursue your passion for travel, retire early, linger longer and live like a local?  Discover why house sitting is the ultimate way to travel.

You may have heard of house sitting before.  You or your teenager may have even looked after the neighbor’s cat when they went away last year. However there is a whole lot more to house sitting than you ever imagined.

Really, like what? [click to continue…]


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