House Sitting

Not Your Average Review This is not your typical travel blog review of Trusted House Sitters platform – there are no affiliate links to be found. In fact, we are reluctant to endorse the Trusted House Sitters (THS) as a platform at this time. The purpose of this review to educate potential THS subscribers (both [...]

Has anyone been completely honest with you lately? I’m not talking about being polite and telling you that your breath is ripe, or your fly is undone. I’m talking about the blunt type of honesty that is like getting hit in the face with a cold, wet, dish rag. It’s when someone looks you directly [...]

Ok you have decided to take the plunge and house sit overseas. Congratulations, the hardest part of any journey is making the decision and taking that first step. However, before you accept that dream house sitting assignment and jet off halfway around the globe. There is a critical question that needs to be asked. Have [...]

After spending hundreds of hours doing research on house sitting platforms, I have seen many house sitting profiles that quite frankly suck! Take this one for example……. It’s titled ‘I’m Your Guy’ and goes on to give you his name, where he comes from and that he’s single. The accompanying photograph shows an attractive male, [...]

What’s the deal with house sitters? Listening to some of their stories you might think they actually enjoy pain and suffering. You have heard the stories, or even have one of your own. You know, the ones about arriving at a house sit only to find the place to be a disgusting, insect ridden, pig [...]

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