Retire Sooner. Travel More.

Want to learn how to retire sooner than you thought was possible – and still be able to travel the world in style?

Yes, Show Me How!

If you feel that having travel medical insurance is a waste of money, we just want to ask are you sure? Yes we know insurance is only for those ‘what if’ moments but the reality is that if the ‘sh#t hits the fan’ and you have no travel medical coverage when you need it, you […]

The Carry-on Commando

The Art and War of Travelling Light Let’s face it  travelling (especially the actual travelling part) can be like navigating a war zone. Travel constantly puts you into situations where you may have no idea of how to respond. That to me, is one aspect of travel that makes it is so rewarding. To survive […]

Do you dream of traveling the world? Well you are not the only ones. In 2011 my husband Michael and I made the decision that life was too short and it was time to see the world whilst we were still able. We planned to travel for at least a couple of years and had […]

If you love the idea of life on the water but don’t want to be a sailor, narrow boating might well be your answer.  Having briefly sampled the delights of putt, putt, putting along–while admiring the ever changing vistas–I can see the attraction. After all you never have to leave home to get a change […]

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