Our Community

Join the Nomadic Retirement Living Community

The Nomadic Retirement Living Community will assist you to Retire Sooner – Travel More – and Live Better.

Whether you are already on the road or itching to get on it, the Nomadic Retirement Living group can help you get where you want to be.

Rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and having to figure everything out for yourself take advantage of those who have boldly gone before.

That is where our unique Facebook Group comes in:

We are a community of Nomadic Retirees, who have created a place for sharing travel experiences, knowledge, tips and advice. It’s a place where members can:

  • Get relevant, flip flops on the ground advice from other nomads
  • Make connections and new friends
  • Share inspiration and information
  • Learn from the mistakes or success of others
  • Harness the power of a mastermind group

As a member of this group you will receive:

  • Answers to travel related challenges (travel insurance, healthcare, funding your travels, dealing with bureaucracies)
  • Opportunities to share travel related web resources (being very careful not to turn the group into a spam fest)
  • Strategies on a variety of specific topics (like saving money on airfares or accommodations, or cool places to hang out for the winter)

Are you ready to be part of a group of like-minded travelers helping each other out, sharing stories and wisdom?  Yes?