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Cruising Our Way Through Retirement

Editors Note:When I heard about Sandi and Stan and their nomadic cruise ship retirement lifestyle, I asked if they would share their experience, insights and knowledge. The result is fascinating and inspiring. My husband Stan (now 68) and I Sandi (now 65) retired in June 2014 and immediately hit the road. Leading up to retirement, […]

Has anyone been completely honest with you lately? I’m not talking about being polite and telling you that your breath is ripe, or your fly is undone. I’m talking about the blunt type of honesty that is like getting hit in the face with a cold, wet, dish rag. It’s when someone looks you directly […]

Everything You Ought to Know About RV Living

Editors Note: With more and more people questioning the traditional North American Dream, the one where you buy a home, save for retirement and then travel in your golden years. Millions of people are realizing that with widespread changes in the economic, political, financial and employment landscapes their dream retirement is not guaranteed. Instead they are […]

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